Why Cultivate?

Regional Development Engagement

Tasmania is uniquely situated in a region that boasts a diverse range of industries and is becoming known nationally and internationally for innovation and achievement.

At Launceston Grammar, it is essential that we prepare our students for an ever-changing future workforce. 

Cultivate will regularly showcase authentic opportunities and pathways within regional industry, helping students to understand how learning in the classroom relates to practice outside of school. Students will develop knowledge, skills and character traits to maximise future career opportunities and contribute to their local community.

These learning opportunities aim to leverage the benefits of living in a regional centre, the knowledge and skills of our school and wider community networks.

Cultivate enhances our current approach to preparing and equipping our students to serve and shape the local, national and global communities with which they engage.

Our experts of the future can be inspired today through programmes like Cultivate.

Michael van Balen AO
Principal, Australian Maritime College

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