Fran Austin

Delamere Vineyard

Future innovators

I have been in Tasmania for 20 years and strongly believe the opportunities here are greater now than ever. We have always been blessed with an amazing natural climate and wonderful quality produce as a result. However, over the last 10 or so years a layer of sophistication has been added to the Tasmanian offering. This has given people with creative ideas public license to reach further and not set themselves within the standard mould. The world around us is constantly evolving and changing with new technologies coming out all the time. On top of that, in an industry like mine for example, trends and tastes in wine are always changing too.

I see the Cultivate programme as bridging the gap between education and theory, and the workplace. Any initiative to help bridge this gap is worthwhile and we need more of it. I see value in a programme such as this in helping young people grow and develop their skills and become more future ready. Our young people need to have a global economy mindset and be able to embrace new opportunities.

At Delamere Vineyard we are always looking at how we can grow sustainably with environmental best practice initiatives to make sure we maintain the health of our land. And we try to keep an innovative mindset which places us in the best position to rise to the challenges of our changing world and turn those challenges into opportunities.

Fran Austin
Winemaker and Owner, Delamere Vineyard


Delamere Vineyard is one of the original vineyards planted in the Pipers Brook region. Fran Austin’s wines have been winning trophies in local and national wine shows for many years. Her Chardonnay and Pinot are recognised as benchmarks of Tasmanian wine. Fran was the 2005 Gourmet Traveller Young Winemaker of the Year, 2009 Len Evans Tutorial Scholar and 2016 Don Martin Fellow.

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