Industry Partners

Partnering with the Tasmanian community

Tasmania is home to a diverse range of industries, and is increasingly becoming known for innovation and  achievement on the national and international stage.

Many Launceston Grammar alumni, families and community members are involved in world-leading businesses, helping grow the region’s economy and expertise, and providing opportunities for future jobs and growth.

Cultivate provides the opportunity for Launceston Grammar students to tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience of regional businesses and experts.

The Cultivate programme is a great step forward in closing the gap between industry and education.

Sam Trethewey
Managing Director, Tasmanian Agricultural Company

Key Industry areas

Cultivate engages and collaborates with a wide range of Tasmanian industries, including:

  • Primary industries e.g., beef, wool, dairy, fibre
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Maritime
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Health
  • Education
  • Horticulture 
  • Forestry 
  • Viticulture 
  • Aquaculture 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Agribusiness 
  • Ag tech 
  • Bee industry
  • Insects
  • Olives

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