What is Cultivate?

Regional Development Engagement

Cultivate connects students with regional industries and enterprise. It is a coordinated approach to contextualising curriculum areas in Early Learning to Grade 12 at Launceston Grammar.

The programme strengthens transdisciplinary, cross-campus, cross-grade learning. It will impact our broader community through creating opportunities for community-based and service learning, in partnership with current families, alumni and community members involved in regional industries and enterprise.

Helping young people grow and develop their skills and become more future ready is essential. I see great value in the Cultivate programme.  

Fran Austin
Winemaker and Owner, Delamere Vineyard

Key Focus Areas​

  • Sustainability 
  • Relationships  
  • Connection and interconnectedness  
  • Supply and demand 
  • Competitiveness
  • Systems and cycles 
  • Stewardship (ethics) 
  • Social and economic equity 
  • Enterprise and innovation
  • Culture

Inspiring Courage, Curiosity, Creativity and Compassion

Cultivate will:

  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation – developing solutions for complex local and global problems
  • Explore the value of relationships, foster understanding and the interconnectedness of local and global systems
  • Promote sustainable practices identifying ethical perspectives on local and global issues relating to the agricultural and regional industries
  • Explore the use of technologies in regional industries and engage in opportunities to advance student learning
  • Allow students to access opportunities to express their understandings through varying mediums
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