Regional Industry Learning
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Regional Development Engagement

Launceston Grammar has launched Cultivate, an exciting school-wide approach to empowering our students to learn, contribute and take action in their regional area.

Cultivate develops deep understandings of concepts that are key to successful regional industries including sustainability, relationships, supply and demand, enterprise and innovation.

Cultivate will provide on-site learning experiences within local regional industries capitalising on the breadth and depth of our Launceston Grammar community and networks across Tasmania’s diverse regional economies. Practical and transferrable skills will be the result, as well as an understanding of the key issues and the incredible potential of living and working in a regional area.

By showcasing authentic agricultural and regional industry opportunities, students will understand how their school curriculum relates to industry practices and future career pathways. Cultivate aims to develop the attributes of resilience, initiative, flexibility, persistence and creativity – sought-after traits for the local, national and international workforce.

Our experts of the future can be inspired today through programmes like Cultivate.

Michael van Balen AO
Principal, Australian Maritime College

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